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Data transparency

  • fast acces to relevant data
  • instant available overview over areas and occupancies
  • conservation and enlargement of value of your real estate
  • high transparency of informations and charges therewith increase in productivity and full control of charges
  • foresighted maintenance planing
  • base for strategic decisions
  • clearly structured informations

Process transparency

  • mapping of your operating procedures
  • up-to-date, contemporary informations to condition of buildings
  • quality optimization of work processes
  • inter-divisional processes and clear allocation of rights and duties
  • scheduling and control of current tasks

Transparency of fees

  • scheduling and monitoring of budget
  • source related cost allocation
  • structured maintenance and attendance fees
  • site specific cost calculation
  • renting, service charges and overview of vacancy
  • base for strategic real estate decisions
  • efficient management of your real estate and property
  • enchancement of return on investment
  • short return on investment


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