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Modern Facility Management requires well-trained professionals who can safely show applicable skills and abilities when dealing with CAFM systems in business. With a FAMOS education license, educational institutions use one of the best CAFM solutions for a practical and future-oriented training of facility managers and thus invest safely in the future.

Keßler Solutions provides a free full version of your CAFM system for education and training purposes to public and private educational institutions with an FM degree program or FM training offerings. The software is process-oriented, practical, easy to understand and intuitive to use. Over a dozen web modules and the FAMOSapp optimize work processes via mobile devices. The service is complemented by comprehensive training options for on-site users, teachers and in class, methodological support and software maintenance option.

Our application trainer Uwe Schmidt made a statement for CAFM-News in 2017 about CAFM knowledge acquisition in FM study or education::

Many educational institutions “leave the students to themselves, a goal-oriented, practice-oriented introduction and use of the systems takes place in the rarest cases! (…) Driving a car is learned by driving a car, CAFM application is learned by use, we need doers and not only knowers.”


We are currently working together with these educational institutions throughout Germany: