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“Asset acquisition” app for efficient data recording

21. September 2022

Convenient initial recording via app: efficiency-enhancing / resource-saving / user-friendly

Easily overcome the challenges of initial digital recording of building data in existing buildings with WA-T-01 Asset Recording. Initial recording is often very time-consuming if no data is available or can be supplied. With the app, you can efficiently collect and systematise object structures of all types, of assets e.g. plant, machinery, works of art, equipment, vehicle fleet, etc., saving time and money. You can also use mobile data recording to update existing, possibly outdated, inventory data.

Grafik Ebenen Asset App
Application example with catalogue DIN 276 . Click to enlarge.

Visualisierung "Asset Erfassung": mit Tablet in Werkshalle unterwegs

Building and property data contain numerous optimisation potentials for various management processes. Use the application to effectively utilise your building data, e.g. for CAFM systems or corresponding applications. Create the basis for sustainable energy and environmental management, safe maintenance management or modern workplace management. Form the basis for optimised and transparent planning of construction processes and budgets for structured modernisation/renovation projects. Obtain data for the valuation of your property for new lettings and sales. Easily fulfil your verification and documentation obligations.


  • INDEPENDENCE and INDIVIDUALITY: flexible data model for all types of data capture projects, definition of suitable forms for your assets, as SaaS customisable to the number of users and data volume, for your team or external service providers.
  • HIGH USABILITY: Clear visualisation of all projects, simple operation thanks to optimised web interfaces.
  • BETTER DATA QUALITY and HIGH DATA CONSISTENCY: Up-to-date and complete database, clarity through definition of specific technical terms, low susceptibility to errors by avoiding transmission errors and fewer media breaks (e.g. running lists manually in xls), improved readability of data.
  • ROUTE OPTIMIZATION: Avoidance of unnecessary routing.
  • TIME SAVINGS 40%-60% for new entries.

Functions of the “Asset acquisition” app

The challenges of efficient data capture

Arbitrary data structures, the multitude of asset types in catalogs, inconsistent structuring of extensive forms, lack of support for mass data capture or different target systems are just some of the challenges that increase the effort and costs of data capture projects. With the new Assettool, Keßler Solutions makes it possible to define a systematic schema for describing your data structures. Flexible, efficient and user-friendly, mobile data capture simplifies the work of your team.

Easier input using the “Asset Acquisition” app

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