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Powerful synergies: IoT in the interplay of management

16. May 2023

The interaction between the Internet of Things (IoT) and Computer Aided Facility Management (CAFM) has the potential to significantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of facility management. The IoT enables the networking of physical devices and sensors, while CAFM offers software solutions for the management and optimisation of buildings and facilities as well as operations. The combination of both technologies creates a powerful synergy.

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The IoT provides real-time data from various areas such as energy consumption (media consumption), room occupancy, security systems and maintenance requirements. This data is transferred to the CAFM system, which analyses it and converts it into relevant information for facility management. This enables facility managers to react proactively to problems, for example by planning maintenance work before a device breaks down or optimising resources to reduce energy consumption.

The integration of IoT and CAFM also enables the automation of processes. For example, the IoT network can detect sensors when a room is not in use and automatically switch off the lights or turn down the heating to save energy. CAFM systems can use this information to identify vacant spaces and optimise costs or service contracts and orders.

Overall, the interaction between IoT and CAFM opens up new opportunities for facility management. By networking devices, automating processes and utilising real-time data, facility managers can use their resources more efficiently, reduce costs and improve the performance of their buildings and facilities. From a sustainability perspective, IoT is therefore an important key technology in management that should not be underestimated.

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Web event “IoT in the interplay of management”

On 20.06.23, the two partners Keßler Solutions and IoT partner akenza presented themselves together in a web event on the interaction of IoT and CAFM. They showed various solution approaches, e.g. for easy retrofitting of sensors in practice: akenza presented easy-to-integrate used cases of the path of sensor data into the platform in the live part. The Recording is published on Youtube (only in German).