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Efficient management of technical building services

With our service profile in the field of Technical Systems Acquisition Services (Technical Assets in Buildings), we offer you a solution that is the basis for your value-preserving maintenance, the definition of measures, priorities and cost planning. Find out what costs your building technology and property value preservation.

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Value determination and cost calculation
of the Technical Systems

For a substantial cost index, you need comprehensive information, we’ll help you with:

  • Collection of all relevant technical system data
  • Collection of all relevant structural information
  • Determination of the maintenance status
  • Review of repair, maintenance and inspection agreements
  • Condition detection according to DIN 276, costs in construction
  • Definition of measures to restore the nominal state

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It’s important to keep your database up to date!

With the FAMOS-inspection tools, you can organize inspections of all kinds efficiently. Users can use them to plan, for example, the recording of components such as doors with all the necessary data from dimensions to condition assessment. The tests and evaluations are carried out on-site using a mobile device and the information is collected in accordance with the previously defined checklists and standards. Defects can of course also be reported ad hoc. A separate recording tool is available for your technical building equipment. The web inventory app is available for inventory management. Keßler also recommends the labeling of all rooms and inventories with codes (e.g. QR-codes) for the most effective work possible. Mandatory processes, such as the detection of defects, can be designed holistically and sustainably.