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FAMOS – Smart maintenance for professionals

Systems for Maintenance Planning and Control or so called CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management Systems) support companies and institutions in systematizing and optimizing their maintenance processes (e.g. malfunctions, spare parts management,…). Keßler Solutions offers with the CAFM software FAMOS a powerful and flexible maintenance system with the aim of a future Smart Maintenance.

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These processes usually represent a financial expense that should not be underestimated. The increased demands for a sustainable reduction of costs are therefore only understandable. At the same time, there is a dynamic development of technology and the legal framework. Maintenance personnel therefore have to achieve the balancing act between decreasing budgets and increasing costs when performing the necessary maintenance tasks.

Maintenance with FAMOS at a glance

  • web-based
  • close to practice
  • powerful
  • process-oriented
  • modular
  • transparent
  • cost-reducing
  • user-specific
  • interface-capable
  • intuitive
  • consistent
  • structured

The use of a high-performance maintenance system such as FAMOS enables high savings potentials to be released. But not only the profitability factor speaks for the IT support in the maintenance. The optimization of the processes, the tremendous workload for the maintenance engineer and the clear analysis of all relevant data and processes for the decision makers are arguments for investing in an maintenance system and important reasons for a quick return on investment. In addition, the user lives up to his documentation obligations, which should not be underestimated in terms of his operator responsibility.

Core processes of maintenance planning and control

In maintenance, a distinction is made between corrective and preventive measures. Preventive measures include maintenance and inspections; Corrective is the repair after failures. Accordingly, the core processes for maintenance and troubleshooting can be derived for a high performance maintenance system. Depending on the business organization, additional processes such as merchandise management, procurement or billing of services are used.

Chart: maintenance management with FAMOS
Maintenance management with FAMOS


In addition to the essential requirements of pure maintenance systems, FAMOS offers a wide range of commercial and infrastructural processes and can be used in addition to the planning and management of buildings and facilities. This makes it possible to exploit synergies between the technical, commercial and infrastructural areas and to avoid data redundancies. With FAMOS tools, you have an intelligent and efficient instrument that optimizes the quality and cost-effectiveness of buildings and facilities throughout the lifecycle, measurably increasing the value of the entire manufacturing facility – and not just the maintenance area.

MORE advantages of maintenance with FAMOS

The use of maintenance systems such as FAMOS, in addition to the time and cost savings, further benefits diverse for the user: