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The FAMOS module occupational health and safety helps businesses, communities and governments meet legal regulatory and obligation requirements by providing effective control, execution, control and documentation tools. You can, for example, create risk assessments, document the resulting measures and their effectiveness, and clearly define responsibilities and deadlines.


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Your benefits at a glance:

The module has a user-friendly structure and reduces the bureaucratic burdens associated with performing health and occupational safety obligations to a minimum. This is not only positive for ensuring the health and safety of all employees and tenants, but also in the spirit of operator responsibility and cost-effectiveness.

occupational health and safety – Carrying out operator responsibility

The topics of occupational safety and health protection are more relevant than ever just in the area of facility management. Numerous laws, ordinances, directives and regulations, such as the Occupational Health and Safety Act or the Industrial Safety Regulation actively oblige employers and property operators to ensure the safety and health of their employees and tenants. Maintaining an overview and reacting in short term to legal changes is a great challenge.

Use the CAFM software FAMOS to manage legally compliant risk assessments according to the Occupational Health and Safety Act and the Industrial Safety Regulation. Document and monitor the implementation of the required occupational safety measures depending on the identified risk. Create print-ready operating instructions and schedule instructions and training as needed.

What does that mean concretely?

A large number of laws influence the daily work of companies and organizations in general and in facility management in particular. The issue of Health and Occupational Safety has become increasingly important in recent years. The growing, new challenges of working for humans require rethinking and broadening the perspective of this task. The Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs clearly states: “Efficient occupational safety and accident prevention are fundamental in an increasingly fast and demanding work environment.”

This has explicit causes: every third fatal accident at work is a crash, caused by a safety-related defect or the use of an unsuitable working equipment. Every year, entrepreneurs lose billions of dollars due to accidents or illness. In addition, mentally related failures have become a major focus in recent years. A functioning Health and Occupational Safety organization is therefore indispensable for companies!