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Start into the digital future with FAMOSweb!

Flexible, independent and mobile – that’s the way they should be – the jobs of the future: placing orders on the move, immediately initiating security measures, checking work progress in real time or simply recording working hours without having to go to the office.

With FAMOSweb, the mobile CAFM solution from Keßler Solutions, you simplify processes and open up opportunities for increasing efficiency and productivity. Modern and user-friendly, FAMOSweb can be used to map entire process chains, for example from the fault report to the completed order, on a mobile basis.


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Our guideline: Stay independent with FAMOSweb

The FAMOS web portal supports maintenance staff, hazardous materials managers, occupational health and safety officers and other service personnel in optimising work processes while remaining flexible. More information on the mobile CAFM solution can be found in the FAMOSweb data sheet (pdf).

Selecting web modules – making CAFM processes mobile – exploiting optimisation potentials.

A FAMOSapp is integrated in the FAMOSweb package. Use it to benefit from the advantages of a tablet (recommended) or other mobile devices, e.g. for scanning QR or barcodes, for simple meter reading via GPS, for voice input via microphone or for image recording and linking it to the database directly on site.

(Currently, not all modules are displayed due to a technical problem. We are working on it and thank you for your patience!)

FAMOS mobil

Modern facility management is characterised by mobile process optimisation, integrative resource management and sustainable digitalisation, among other things. All potential user groups have access to your services via independent web apps, regardless of whether they are stored in the database or have already worked with FAMOS. Manage the recording of all types of assets, inventory in particular, various service requests, your event and workplace management via web apps.

overview of the web apps.

Use Case FAMOSweb

  • Occurrence of a malfunction at a TGA, if necessary with hazard warning.
  • Direct and fast access to the correct TGA via scan of the QR code.
  • Reporting of the malfunction with necessary data such as description, priority and photo
  • If necessary, predefined safety and occupational health measures can be taken.
  • Automated forwarding of all information to the service responsible.
  • Commissioning of required service providers by the service with deadlines.
  • Tracking and accounting processing of the order status by the service department.
  • Checking and release, if the fault has been rectified, as well as release of the invoice.

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