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The first step towards BIM-compliant operation

The BIMflow for Revit® is the powerful tool for the BIM-compliant operation of your real estate and facilities. It combines all features of Autodesk® Revit® and FAMOS into one comprehensive and easy-to-use application. It allows the complete three-dimensional representation of a building: a great advantage for the design and construction of real estate as well as for facility management. BIMflowfor Revit® not only ensures sustainable facility management, it also ensures competitive advantages and increases productivity.

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BIMflow – 3D model and CAFM cleverly networked

CAFM is increasingly establishing itself as an indispensable component of BIM strategies. The virtual building data model (Building Information Modeling) is the key resource for adopting consistent, structured, and complete data from the design and construction process into the management and maintenance phases.

The bidirectional interface of the BIMflow makes it possible to take over all the information of the Building Information Model without loss of time and error risks from the CAD world (three-dimensional) into the CAFM system FAMOS (multidimensional) in order to analyze, process and evaluate them there. This allows FAMOS to map and monitor complete BIM processes quickly and uncomplicated.

Your benefits at a glance:

The FAMOS database with all relevant information about the structure of the building, about rooms and their technical building equipment also allows a more precise and comprehensive maintenance, planning and use of space. FAMOS thus provides significant support in the management of real estate and technical equipment, helping to manage information efficiently and consistently throughout the lifecycle.

Our managing director André Keßler is convinced that BIM is a future topic in facility management.

„At the Future Lab 2017, we showed how a modern connection to Revit® functions as a market-leading authoring tool. Elaborate interfaces for data exchange can thus be avoided. The most sensible step is, of course, a central digital building model, which is already created in the planning.“

The FAMOS module BIMflow has been included in the standard version since version 4.4.