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Keßler Solutions stands for effective, process-oriented and future-proof facility, property and asset management solutions with perspective. With the CAFM software FAMOS you can manage your buildings, properties and facilities reliably, holistically and sustainably. By networking processes, you can uncover vulnerabilities, analyze them, and unlock free resources. With FAMOSweb and FAMOSapp you can design your work processes flexibly, independently and mobile.

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The CAFM software FAMOS has been around since 1998. From the beginning, it has evolved from experience and needs, and is growing with its customers, FAMOS users, and the challenges they face. This is the basis for our practical and effective CAFM-complete solution.

FAMOS-Modul Overview

FAMOS is the right solution for an agile company. Step by step, the software grows into your processes. You only integrate the functions / processes that you actually need. The CAFM software adapts to your development and future needs. FAMOS is almost always ready for the individual challenges of your company or your institution. Keßler Solutions fulfills the GEFMA standard with the following four categories: Certification in all service catalogs of guideline 444 including BIM data processing.

There are now more than 80 special modules available. Here we present you a selection. In addition to the four GEFMA categories and FAMOSweb (see below), mobile modules for PDA devices, data catalogs and reports are available. In order to meet the complex requirements of the FM market, we have additionally developed and assembled flexible module packages, e.g. for maintenance, rental management, energy management and industry modules for municipalities, universities and colleges. You can buy or rent FAMOS and purchase educational licenses. Contact us if you want to know more!

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