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Computer Aided Design (CAD) became indispensable in the planning, design and construction of buildings. The two-dimensional digital representation of your building also has great advantages during its operational phase, because CAD provides a true-to-life optical model of your property, from the electrical outlet to the turbine, from the cleaning surface to the roof. Amongst others, our comprehensive service portfolio includes:

Advantages, benefits and improvements of and with FAMOS

The CAD floor plan (2D), in conjunction with other building data, enables so-called Building Information Modeling (BIM) – a digital image in 3D. With this you always have all the “set screws” in view, have a uniform database and can share information with key partners.

CADflow – Data management between CAFM and AutoCAD in an instant

FAMOS, our modular “Computer Aided Facility Management Software” (CAFM), gives you the ability to use AutoCAD from Autodesk to manage your buildings and facilities through the CADflow bidirectional interface, and uncomplicated data from the CAFM system with AutoCAD The bi-directional interface makes it possible to synchronize the data of both systems at the touch of a button (plausibility check).The powerful FAMOS CADflow prevents data inconsistencies and enables quick and easy data analysis central information synchronization and thus ensures a permanently increasing data quality.

Thanks to CADflow, you have a flexible, virtual model of your real estate or production halls. You cannot only adapt it to your day-to-day challenges, but you can easily play as well through scenarios such as the durability of components and building components.

With our processes, FAMOS is your key to Building Information Modeling – Become part of the digital future with us!