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Modern facility management is characterised by mobile process optimisation, integrative resource management and sustainable digitalisation. The web apps from Keßler Solutions support your various user groups in the efficient, workflow-oriented management of tasks and processes. Save valuable resources and increase your user satisfaction!

In order to increase this potential, the Keßler team will gladly and competently support you with a check-up of your database, with data acquisition, digitisation and/or the optimisation of your processes.

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About mobile CAFM (pdf).

Advantages of using Apps in CAFM

Via apps, all potential users have access to your services, regardless of whether they are stored in the database as users or whether they have already worked with FAMOS. The authentication system of the FAMOS apps therefore facilitates the accessibility of new and/or external user groups immensely: Your real estate users have easier access to approved services such as the booking of events or fault reports with just a few clicks. The staff of your external or internal service providers can easily process orders without being activated in the database or having received training.

Further advantages

  • no installation necessary, as browser-based = applications can be used on all mobile devices
  • very good usability due to clear user interfaces
  • easy handling due to user-centred design
  • high performance and fast access times
  • workflow- and process-oriented work
  • useful input facilitation (upload of photos, use of scanable codes)
  • partly platform and/or system-independent web applications
  • partly offline functionalities

Modern, mobile facility management with apps

Keßler Solutions currently offers four web apps that make various processes in building management/facility management flexible and efficient.

App Asset Acquisition

Visualisation "Asset Capture": on the move in the factory hall with tablet

Easily master the challenges of digitally capturing inventory data with the ASSER ACQUISITION app. With the web application, you can efficiently collect and systematise object structures of all types of assets, e.g. facilities, equipment, vehicle fleet, etc. Use the mobile data collection for factually complex initial entries or to update existing, possibly outdated inventory data. The app functions independently of FAMOS and can be linked to existing site structures or catalogues.

App Inventory

With the app INVENTORY, inventories can be created, recorded and located. Stored information can be retrieved, checked, updated and documented quickly and purposefully. It is easy to see whether inventories need to be reassigned or rearranged digitally in the database or analogue on the floor. The web application thus functionally supports your representatives in the retrieval of inventory data, the relocation of individual inventories, preparatory measures for a stocktaking, the determination of missing stocks/incorrect placements and in the (re-)recording of inventories.

Example for Web App Inventory: Display with selection of office chair

App ServiceTicket

Example of ServiceTicket KEY - front: mobile phone with desired appointment information on the display, hands handing over a key in the background

The SERVICETICKET app supports your property users in efficiently submitting and managing requests for FM services. With the help of the app, users can book, track and rate services. Specific services are „Cleaning“, „Key“ and „Fault“. In the „Other“ section, further requirements can be collected, e.g. office supplies needed or personnel support. The integration of further services, such as fleet management, relocation or waste disposal is planned. Your individual requirements management is also possible via ServiceTicket.

App Event Management

Use the EVENT MANAGEMENT web app to create and coordinate requests for events in your properties. The mobile assistant provides targeted support for internal and external event organisers in selecting dates and rooms and organising the necessary equipment. With an overview linked to an online shopping cart, users can keep track of their bookings and costs at all times. The combination of FAMOS and the web application enables a structured, resource-oriented room rental as well as the connection of useful follow-up processes such as invoicing.

FAMOS screenshot Event Select room

App Workplace-Management

Dashboard occupancy plan with detailed information (screenshot)

With the WORKPLACE-MANAGEMENT app, you can organise and optimise your your space utilisation in an uncomplicated way. Users book the workplaces/zones they need according to their needs. By condensing work zones, resource consumption can be reduced and (with a view to the social component) scattered employees can be brought together. You can quickly recognise such optimisation potential through the graphic visualisation of utilisation. Create occupancy plans and coordinate workplaces and their capacities in a sensible and sustainable way.