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Obtaining and preserving the overview of building, land and resource data and developing future-oriented usage concepts based on this seems difficult. With our full-service offering, we support you right from the start with data collection, checking and updating your existing information, effective data digitization and structuring and all the necessary FM processes. With us you have the entire life cycle of your buildings and facilities in view. All this with products and services that are individually tailored to your needs:

Data Acquisition

Data of companies and institutions are the working basis of CAFM systems such as FAMOS. They also generally serve the fulfillment of operator obligations (mandatory documentation, safety and health protection, etc.) and as an essential basis for effective maintenance planning and cost-saving management of real estate and properties.

We support you with efficient solutions for the optimal and digital management of your existing data (such as areas, floor plans, technical building equipment, sections, views or object evaluation) and thus provide you with high data transparency:

Data Acquisition in Detail

We make topographic recordings of your properties on site (location and elevation) and create a digital layout plan for the optimal management of your outdoor facilities. In addition to the presentation of, for example, road and road edges, exterior edges of buildings and other topographic elements, we also record and evaluate the different types of fastening. Underground cable routing from other documents as well as property boundaries based on official border point coordinates or by digitization of the official land map can be incorporated into the site plan.

The buildings are measured using modern laser technology. With our capture technologies, we have cost-effective and effective digital asset tracking capabilities for your buildings and facilities.

In addition to the geometry, we document room elements, technical installations or room equipment, the placement of all room-specific data and their specific characteristics, directly during on-site acquisition (eg for condition assessment). These data can be transferred directly to a CAFM system (for example FAMOS) or to a database (Access, SQL or similar) or are available for corresponding evaluations and views.

From the data to the graphic

By processing the measured data in CAD, the actual real estate inventory and its technical building equipment are displayed clearly.

Benefits of Data Acquisition

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