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Requirements for construction measures can arise for various reasons (e.g. new construction, refurbishment, maintenance, safeguarding). It is sometimes difficult to set priorities for corresponding measures – especially if there are a large number of pending projects with limited budgets. A holistic building project management can help to make strategic decisions and offers numerous advantages.


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12 advantages of a holistic building project management

The CAFM software FAMOS supports your refurbishment and maintenance projects with the building project management solution. It controls all processes from verified decision-making to construction cost controlling and (BIM-compliant) management, including ongoing maintenance planning.

Steps of the construction project management

It starts with the registration of the real estate and facilities including an on-site assessment of the building condition by qualified employees of Keßler Solutions. Based on this, the comparison and weighting of the maintenance or refurbishment projects follows. The corresponding calculations are based on the cost groups of DIN 276.

  • Result: prioritised recommendation for the order of project processing, which enables a verified decision making

The construction requirements are mapped in the CAFM system FAMOS from the application to the decision. This enables the immediate ongoing administration of the decided construction projects via project order, budget and cost management as well as necessary interfaces, e.g. to ERP systems.

  • Result: professional, digital and transparent construction project monitoring throughout the entire construction process of maintenance or refurbishment projects, including consistent control of construction progress, budget loads, etc.

Keßler Solutions offers additional support for public institutions in the formulation of classified decision or (committee) decision templates for a building requirement application and, if required, accompanies the awarding process in an advisory capacity.