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Quickly and easily record the working hours of your employees, also cost unit-related. The module offers you a clear basis for monthly statements and controlling.

Manage your construction projects from the application, planning & cost calculation to the commissioning.

The structured, wizard-based import module supports you in your cost processing and controlling.

Easily create your annual utility bill for residential or commercial properties. The module can be extended to include debit position, rent reminders and direct debits.

Use the budget management module as an optimal controlling instrument for your cost planning and administration. Use convenient functionalities to manage your budgets reliably, flexibly and with foresight.

Easily manage your projects on a budget. Use this module to organize and monitor your project orders and budget pots.

Record your service provider contracts separately and clearly with the specific data for easy administration and billing.

Discover your cost center for the clear management of your company codes, cost centers, cost types & posting documents and evaluate everything efficiently.

Manage, edit and review your rental agreements, including the recording of subleases.

Organize with FAMOS your complete rental management for residential and commercial properties including structured presentation and evaluation.

The extension of the “Rent” module supports you in entering rental collateral and repayment agreements.

Manage your personnel data including hourly rates, cost centres and workstation administration. For efficient personnel organization, perfectly combinable with time recording, deployment or occupancy planning.

The function-rich “Invoice” module supports you in the simple recording, processing and evaluation of your incoming invoices and payment transactions.

With this module you can easily and clearly manage your contracts with the corresponding workflows including contract data, contract partners and deadlines.

Organize the administration of your articles and manage your ordering system with the “Merchandise Management” module.

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