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The web module ORDER enables the display and processing of different orders (e.g. malfunctions or maintenance). These can be viewed and processed everywhere in real time – even by external service providers. The module also allows the capture of comments, images and digital signatures for order feedback.

The DASHBOARD allows all data to be evaluated in a user-friendly manner. Even users without a FAMOS client can access the information that is important for you quickly and easily. User-defined queries, e.g. for complex searches, can be displayed clearly and filtered, sorted, grouped and exported according to individual requirements.

Also mobile useable with FAMOSweb!

With the FORMULAR web module, you record data quickly, structured and adapted to your individual needs. Create special and target group-specific input masks, e.g. for the entry of defects or for the formulation of service requests, with reference to process, service, persons responsible, dates, documents, etc.

The HAZARDOUS MATERIALS web module provides you with suitable tools for fulfilling your legal obligations. You can record and register hazardous substances, create risk assessments and operating instructions, derive measures, document their effectiveness and clearly define responsibilities.

With INFOPOINT, all data can be evaluated in a user-oriented and user-defined manner. Even users without FAMOS Client can access the information important to them quickly and easily.

Organise your services easily, clearly and mobile with the “ServicePoint” via ticket system. You can conveniently coordinate requested tickets (e.g. requirement registrations or defect notifications) and the subsequent workflows, e.g. for your services, room planning authorizations or even a move.

The web-modules HEALTH & SAFETY and DANGEROUS MATERIALS provide you with suitable tools for fulfilling your legal obligations. You can create risk assessments, record hazardous substances, document resulting measures and their effectiveness, and clearly define responsibilities. Create ready-to-print operating instructions, for example, for the handling of hazardous substances or technical equipment.

With the help of the web-module FAULT, mobile recording and documentation of defects and malfunctions is possible. Images and files can be uploaded and comments can be added. The status of the order processing can be easily tracked and the overview can be filtered according to various parameters.

With TIMESHEET , employees can record their working hours conveniently and accurately at any location and around the clock. Tasks and cost units are simply assigned.

The TECHNICAL SYSTEM web-module allows you to view and edit the data of your technical equipment on site. Optionally, the systems can be scanned simply and accurately using barcodes and identified by means of these. All changes can be easily tracked via the change history.

INSTRUCTION is a central component of the HEALTH AND SAFETY module and supports you in the planning and implementation of all necessary instructions and thus in the exercise of operator responsibility.

The web-module METER allows meter readings for electricity, water, gas and other media to be conveniently recorded using a smartphone or tablet. This option is also available without a network or Internet connection – a decisive advantage if meters are located in the basement, for example.

The WEB-CAD module allows quick viewing of CAD drawings via smartphone or tablet. The drawings can be easily adapted to the requirements of the viewer. For example, individual room elements can be shown and hidden or visualised in colour with just a few clicks.

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