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Structure and manage your wastewater documentation and link the wastewater system with the appropriate CAD drawings.

This assistant supports you comfortably, clearly and, above all, effectively when creating, changing and structuring your work cards; and minimizes sources of error.

Organize your orders effectively through configurable workflows or the clear administration of service specifications, work cards and plannable measures and much more.

Also mobile useable with FAMOSweb!

Record and manage different media including meter characteristics, consumption and billing data. Expand the module with sustainable “energy controlling”.

Determine and adjust your energy parameters and climate factors and draw up an emissions balance to ensure sustainable management.

Read more about energy management.

Record and manage malfunctions and error messages quickly and reliably, including direct order creation or immediate repair.

Also mobile useable with FAMOSweb!

Manage your vehicle clearly with specific details, dates (e.g. HU), insurance information, damage documentation and cost controlling.

Use this module to meet fire protection requirements (e.g. escape route planning) and manage all associated equipment, data and maintenance schedules with the support of a CAD system.

Capture and manage the topic of hazardous substances in your company with the help of safety sheets and risk assessments and thus easily meet your operator responsibilities.

Also mobile useable with FAMOSweb!

Manage your PCs, servers, printers and similar devices as well as your software. In combination with the Order module, you can organize all the necessary activities.

Manage the active and passive components of your networks, supported by logical network structure mapping and IP address management.

This module gives you an overview of the technical life cycle of your technical systems, assemblies or components including workflows such as installation or shipping.

Based on the module “Technical equipment” you coordinate your production/working process easily and clearly.

Managen Sie Ihre Technischen Anlagen übersichtlich und strukturiert mit Hilfe einer mehrstufigen Verwaltung auf Basis beliebiger Kataloge; mit detaillierten Angaben zu den TGA wie zum kaufmännischen Lebenszyklus.

Organize your warehouse system efficiently with the help of receipts/issues posting, stock monitoring, reservation system, inventory measures and evaluation options.

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