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Your system base as a central database with basic functions such as data maintenance, user administration, object catalogue, search & help functions and much more for your FAMOS use.

Define required attributes, values and units and use the generated data for more efficient work.

Simply and safely purge your production system for improved data quality.

Benchmarking is the module for easy definition of your KPI’s for a clear (object-bound) as well as graphical evaluation.

The module is the bidirectional interface to your CAD system (AutoCAD/MicroStation).

Read more about the advantages of FM with CAD support here!

Also mobile useable with FAMOSweb!

The basic interface CADflow enables CAD-guided, object-oriented work as well as data management between FAMOS and AutoCAD in no time.

Read more about using CAD and CADflow here!

The FAMOS-CAD-Viewer is a cost-effective and intuitively operated visualization and communication solution for displaying and evaluating 3D and 2D data.

Easily log and monitor your objects, data and their changes with subsequent evaluation.

Manage the different clients and client groups quickly and easily via authorization concept, assignment to your FAMOS object types and access assignment.

FAMOS facilitates your work by means of standardized data catalogs, e.g. DIN 276 for cost groups or technical equipment.

Easily visualize your data and evaluations in attractive graphics and diagrams.

Store documents easily and structured as files directly in your database as hyperlinks or references. You can also use cross-references, keywords and search functions.

Send your (preconfigured) e-mails directly via the toolbar and easily integrate them into your workflows.

Navigate easily in FAMOS as well as on the web using images and graphics. Link your FAMOS objects directly and build a navigation hierarchy.

Discover the different import & export possibilities between FAMOS and other programs for effective working.

With INFOPOINT, all data can be evaluated in a user-oriented and user-defined manner. Even users without FAMOS Client can access the information important to them quickly and easily.

Also mobile useable with FAMOSweb!

FAMOS provides various interfaces for effective working, e.g. to CAD, MS Office, ERP programs and many more.

Plan, organize and control your (personnel) assignments efficiently and company-wide and thus recognize bottlenecks early on.

Your direct FAMOS connection to the MS Office system for e.g. simple data export or the storage of templates.

Discover the configurable sample generator as an effective inspection and controlling instrument.

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