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Sustainability reporting with the ESG scoring tool

Get to know the new ESG scoring tool. The innovative solution supports companies and institutions in fulfilling their ESG reporting obligations in an efficient and process-oriented manner and in making their building management more sustainable.

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The module supports you in the administration of safety functions as well as in the organisation, implementation and control of occupational safety measures, e.g. with print-ready operating instructions, instruction planning.

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Also mobile useable with FAMOSweb!

Manage your outdoor facilities in several stages and according to any catalogues up to the commercial facility life cycle.

Manage your structural assets in several stages and according to any catalogues up to the commercial asset life cycle.

With the tree inventory, you effectively fulfil your control and documentation obligations and simplify the management and maintenance of your green spaces.

Organize your occupancy planning through the clear coordination of rooms, personnel, workstations, cost centers, calculation rates and dates – efficient and easy to evaluate!

Workflow-controlled documentation of visits from registration incl. name badge, through the actual visit period to leaving the house.

Use this module to manage and check all your area-related data including the object structures from the building to the room book – e.g. according to DIN or other standards.

Use this module to build detailed inventory catalogs that help you manage and control your inventory. Assign barcodes, for example, to the inventory items and link the locations with your CAD data.

With the module “Map Service” you can display maps from Google Maps, draw overlays, symbols etc. and link to your FAMOS objects.

Manage your conference rooms effectively with specific information on areas, rooms, equipment and bookings and bill events quickly and easily.

Manage your properties efficiently and clearly, including land register data and legal relationships, down to the last detail. Use DIN catalogues and your CAD data stored in the module.

Use this module to organise your cleaning processes, create service specifications, manage your service providers or coordinate a new tender.

Manage your key system with a detailed overview of all keys, efficiently manage your key allocation (porter services) and create a structured locking plan.

Organize your removals efficiently and easily using service specifications and orders as well as graphic visualization.

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