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FAMOS - The CAFM-Solution

Beneficial Corporate Real Estate Management demands a complex examination of the real estates, real property and facilities.
With the CAFM-Software FAMOS (CAFM - Computer Aided Facility Management) we provide you with the adequate device.

With FAMOS you are able to manage real estates, real property and facilities effective and long-term.
The networking of the processes detects weak spots, analyses them and opens up new resources.
In addition to the basic solution there are over 30 modules of the infrastructural, technical, mercantile Facility Management (FM) available.
Both particular areas and complex processes of management can be mapped user-friendly.

In cooperation with you we create an "is" and "needs to be" analysis and adapt the processes to your data under the aspect of effectivity and usefulness.

With the future-proof CAFM-solution FAMOS we garant you the advantage of a high and solid investment protection and a short return on investment.

FAMOS – Profil of the solution

  • standard-software for facility management of infrastructural, technical and mercantile processes
  • special FAMOS-package for maintenance (IPS), renting or communes (FAMOS public)
  • various customizing possibilities and precise adaption of the scope of services to the specific customer needsopen system with various standard gateways (e.g. GLT-connection, SAP, GIS)
  • high transparency and thereby instant availableness of management relevant data
  • choice of over 30 different business modules by default
  • competent assistance by experienced project spezialists with know-how from various project as well as thorugh our support
  • data management - digital gathering and evaluation of stock data


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