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Relaunch of FAMOS 3.11

15th Anniversary of "Keßler Solutions"


Commercial launch of FAMOS 3.9


Commercial launch of FAMOS 3.8

10th company anniversary


Lower Austria government establishes the CAFM-software solution FAMOS. Medium-term acceleration of the internationalization. Development of further markets for solutions "Made in Leipzig" planned.

since 2005

In the course of the continuated development into a modern solution provider Keßler Solutions pursues a internationalization strategy since 2005. First object of this strategy is the firmly establishment in german-speaking countries. Next to germany this concers in particular the austrian and swiss market.


Commercial launch of FAMOS 3.0

since 2001

Consequent development from pure software developer/publisher of data management services to a provider commprehensive and integral solutions. The base for that were the competences gained and integrated during the last years and increased request for integral methods of resolution from customers.


Fusion of the Facility Management GmbH and the GebMess® - Data GmbH to todays Keßler Real Estate Solutions GmbH and therewith strategic development. The assimilation of the word "solutions" into the name of the company emphasizes the entitlement to appear as provider of solutions on the market as well as strategic consideration  wanting to operate on the international markt middle-term.


Commercial launch of FAMOS 2.0

1997 / 1998

Founding of the development department (todays division software respectively projects) and of a part of the data acquisition (todoays division data management). In cooperation with the Insta GmbH, the market leader for maintenance software at that time, initially a Computer Aided Facility Management (CAFM)-program based on the Insta-solution Activity should be developed.

Considerable know-how gain through the collaboration with the Insta GmbH. Continuation of the development work after the Insta GmbH was taken over by the Datastream-group at the end of 1998. Besides different application modules a completly new basis was created. As a expression of the increased technological know-how in the sector of data management the GebMess® - Data GmbH was founded and the data management software GebMess® had was brought onto the market.

Commercial launch of the CAFM-Software FAMOS.


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